Heat Treat Services (HTS)

Hi-Life tools have been providing a heat treatment service for a wide range of Irish based tool making, engineering and medical device companies for over 20 years. The company has built up a vast amount of experience of heat treating a wide range of metals from tool steels, HSS, stainless steels and exotic metals. These can be treated using the standard processes or a bespoke process can be developed to suit the customer requirements. The equipment list includes 4 vacuum furnaces of which 2 are validated for medical devices and 8 tempering furnaces of which 1 is validated for medical devices and a cryogenic treatment unit with all the instruments on these furnaces calibrated twice annually and all processes logged on a chessell data logger to ensure that all processes are kept under the tightest control. There is also a metallurgical laboratory on site where testing, analysis and advice on material condition can be provided on request.

Services provided:

  • Vacuum Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Stress relieving
  • Normalising
  • Age Hardening
  • Precipitation Hardening
  • Cryogenic treatment


Heat Treat

Data logging: All furnaces have their process data logged using a chessell data logger and are stored on a server for retrieval and analysing where required.

Validation: We also can offer the validation of equipment/processes for a customer where appropriate

Our customers for Heat Treat Services are some of the most recognised brands in the medical, engineering and tool making markets.  Contact us today for more information on our HTS.






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