Cylindrical Dies

box-cylindrical-diesThread rolling on circular machines gives more control to the rolling process, with power to all rolls and controlled penetration rates. This capability, in turn, enables harder and more difficult materials to be threaded.

As pioneers in cylindrical die technology, Reed and Hi-Life Tools furnish tooling for all makes of thread rolling and form rolling equipment that use cylindrical dies. Reed and Hi-Life dies are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards - yielding uniformly accurate, cost-effective threads and forms that deliver outstanding performance and long life.

Cylindrical Dies and Cylindrical Die Capabilities

  • F3® Flaw Free Form dies. These are single-revolution dies, whereby a part is formed in one die rotation using the same F3® geometry and grinding technology. Designs can be incorporated for most two-die cylindrical machines in which six- to seven-part revolutions can be achieved.
  • Plunge/in-feed rolling. Employing a timed machine cycle, plunge/in-feed rolling is used for general rolling of parts up to the maximum face width of the dies, less die chamfers
  • Annular/through-feed rolling. Used for rolling threads that exceed the maximum die width, annular/through-feed rolling can also be used for the continuous rolling of long threaded bars or studs
  • Adjusted and combination helical/through-feed rolling. An alternative to annular ring-type dies for through-feed rolling, helical combination speed-up dies rotate the work piece at similar rates. However, helical slow-feed dies allow a coarser pitch thread to be rolled on a smaller machine than annular rings
  • 3-roll and 2-roll
  • Full regrinding services
Flaw Free Form Brochure

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