Planetary Dies

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Inherent Benefits of Planetary Dies

  • Consistent quality
  • Long life
  • Easily executable segment flip-over or change with minimal downtime and resetting requirements, due to interchangeable segments
  • Suitability for manufacturing in a wide range of materials - to meet diverse application specifications
  • Precisely controlled dimensions and carefully matched threads that ensure quick setup and uniform accuracy.

Sizes to Suit All Makes

PTG planetary dies are produced in all sizes to suit virtually all makes of planetary die rolling machines, such as:

  • Prutton
  • E.W. Menn
  • Omega
  • Capelli
  • Nedschroef
  • Pressvit
  • Sacma
  • Crimella
  • Ingramatic
  • Sima
  • Sakamura
  • Salvi
  • Izpe
  • Videx
  • Key
  • Ruja
  • Waterbury Farrel

PTG Family Of Planetary Dies

  • Nail dies (annular and helical)
  • Machine screw forms
  • Special thread forms